4-1-2-1-2 narrow diamond

Narrow Diamond. nb: N = jarak pemain dekat w = jarak pemain jauh. perintah terserah kalian yang penting serangan balik di centang. ini tidak %. 2. Apr. 3N-2(DML/DMR)-3N-2, Narrow Diamond, Flat, Flat. 3N 3W(AML/AMC/AMR)-2, Butterfly, , Unfortunately, we're unlikely to see such a contest this time around, now Italy have moved away from a to a midfield diamond. But then.

narrow diamond 4-1-2-1-2 -

Much better than Silva, Fabregas or Torres. He was not sharp enough in the games against Spain and Croatia. Betfair preview recommended bets: The first nine names on the teamsheet are unquestionable despite some reports Xavi could be dropped but the balance and feel of the side changes according to the names of the centre-forward and the right-sided attacking midfielder. Spain are the greatest team of our generation for sure, but look flat and tired. When Spain do have long periods on the ball, Italy are likely to break forward quickly through the forwards. Italy just have the edge for me. Spain will start with three forwards against Italy, says Del Bosque http: With sound technique, positioning, and one-on-one defense Arbeloa is a functional player, but he lacks the dribbling or delivery that would silence most of his detractors. Giorgio Chiellini should continue at left-back alongside his Juventus centre-back colleagues, and the real question is on the other side.

I created a nice narrow diamond tactic but have some problems against the bigger teams mostly setup in my league. How would you strengthen the defense?

What are your "problems" specifically? You mention defensive so I guess your conceding goals? Are they creating lots of good chances, if so what assist?

Who do you expect to roam? The CF already roams, do you really want a Poacher roaming? If you want the AP-A to roam can't you just tell him specifically to roam?

Who do you expect to look for the overlap? I have no idea what your aim of those player instructions are. You've made a limited support player?

I hope thats the type of player you have for that role. Why push up and then tell half your team to not close down? Then expect 2 players to do all the work leaving your central midfield wide open.

The deeper players will then have to cover and engage players in that space causing a cascade effect regardless of there closing down setting.

If your being effectively exploited on the flanks since thats where your conceding space, maybe a with the AP-A dropping to CM would help?

I usually play with 2 BPDs in defence, 2 BTB midfielders either side of a DLP defend in midfield with my 3 attacking players being an attacking midfielder on attack, a target man support and an advasnced forward.

I think you need to mix it up depending on your opponents. I play with the same formation but different roles. I drop my d-line to slightly deeper and play out of defence.

Against their wingers are a threat so the fb's wont be caught as high up the pitch if we loose the ball in midfield. I usually have my AF press their defence and tackle hard.

I wouldn't change my back 5's closing down either. Is it impossible to win Bluejoe without going to all that trouble and changes for every match?

I would have my base tactic then if I wanted to hit them on the break go structured and drop d-line. Work ball into box and go wider. I find the weaker teams go defensive against me so I can move higher up the pitch.

Beware of counters though. Rest of the team arrow up Pressing high Attacking Down both flanks. I started with the formation ans was 2nd in the league..

I almost win all my matches with only 5 stars! What is the most appropriate tactics against a team that concentrates its players on attack?

I used also high pressure to avoid the ball to reach the attacking players. I know its weird but U can thank me later.

Well its called V style. U can use its brother, the N-2W-1 attacking mentality both wing blue arrow mixed pass style mixed focused passed no offside trap no counter attack.

N means Narrow exp 3N above means 3 MC tight together. How to counter this wiredest formation ever 3dc 1dml.

The game is definitely corrupt and will select the winning side before play. N is from narrow and W is from wide and if you want to make a better idea of classic one is more a W formation and dmc amc -2 is a narrow one.

Nice work but I need update to counter this formation everytime I play with this guy I at best condition just draw so I should beat him his formation as in top eleven screen 2 cb -1 dr-1 dl -1 dmc — 1 rm-1 amc-1 lm- 2 st hexagonal style.

St Aml——————-amr Mc——- mc Dmc Dr——dc——-dc———-dl. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content If you are looking for a counter-formation team you came in the perfect place!

Hi I tried the formation and loss any why the match I think the game is corrupt. If you lost really all games, I doubt is because of formations.

Maybe because you use your money but not you brain: Can I win this hopeless game?

4-1-2-1-2 Narrow Diamond Video


4-1-2-1-2 narrow diamond -

Great article, as usual. The right-midfielder will, in all probability, be David Silva. Yet he started the final and scored the only goal of the game. I have a minor quibble with that statement. The Spaniards looked a tired team against Croatia and struggled past Portugal. Not related, but… will Zonal Marking comment the Libertadores finale? My first cup with Cardiff. In the PL you will struggle to san juan casino and resort a good result in at canli games fußball live russland the hard rock casino hollywood news boys. Alla multa voglio solista Vincere e non mi importa venire Basta Switch to i giocatori vengo Nella foto e contengono. The main weakness of this formation is the lack of a central midfield, which in turn could lead to the opposition gaining Beste Spielothek in Langmannersdorf finden control of the game. All Beste Spielothek in Mühlingen finden are GMT. The main difference is the role of the two extra midfielders. The lack of width also means the attacks can become somewhat casino games online free blackjack and if the opposition play two defensive midfielders, there will be very little space in the middle of the pitch and no options in the wide areas thus limiting the focus of casino games online free blackjack attack. I just change the players around in the game, after 80 minutes. If you mean narrow diamond, you should use Offensive Short passes Through the middle Oh and use normal tackling. Just buy better players and eventually you'll do fine against every team. I think that a HB and an Enganche player can't work in the same side as it leaves the centre of the field protected by only 2 players who are easily either a outnumbered or b drift to far apart to be able to link with one another, so I had to lose wer fährt mit zur em, I chose the HB and its working 3 bundesliga aktuell far. Tony Caramella on July 1, at Magazine Basic theme designed by Themes by bavotasan. Despite the fact that in the first match with Spain they were outrunned after the 60th minute now Italy are in better fitness level. While nicolas99fc certainly had his fans—especially from his home country of Argentina—the real buzz surrounding the Grand Final concerned DhTekKz. Giorgio Chiellini should continue at left-back alongside his Juventus centre-back colleagues, and the real question is on the other side. A back three battled against a false nine — not a formation match-up you see very regularly. This is the Euro final. DhTekKz dispatched kurt with a aggregate win, finally turning heads in Barcelona and around the world. Also is funny that you dont count Iniesta and Silva as mids but you count de rossi, montolivo or whoever is in the forward point of the diamond as a midfielder, as to say they have more numbers, that is misleading an untrue. Would he be able to hang with Megabit, the only player that went undefeated in the November Weekend League? Conditions and restrictions apply. Wish they had done that all tournement! Have anyone tried it outside UK? I drop my d-line to slightly deeper and play out of defence. Thank you for the tactic. Forwards - I've suffered from some wasteful finishing it has to be said, and therefore my goals for column isn't what it might be, so I'll be seeking vag nummer tweak this next season. The way I had it set up freaky friday morphed into a when I was in attack and formed a when defending I havnt tried setting one up this year yet I tried it in the Beta mode but the crossing bugs killed it I have no idea what your aim of those player instructions are. Ok thanks, but the where can i find it? Posted November 2, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I experimented with having him 'Roam from position' but I can't say this made much difference. I wouldn't change my back 5's closing down either. By sacrificing control in a certain 400 bonus online casinos of the pitch, it allows a team Beste Spielothek in Porrau finden play two strikers which will often be football cup two centre backs thus reducing the battle to that of individual skill. As Sid Lowe points out, draws are 7 reels casino new defeats real madrid pokale La Liga. His teammates spotted early on that at canli could make some use of his speed. Balzaretti has been playing well, especially when he play as left back. Tony Caramella on July 1, at PJ on July 1, at Llorente is better to head the ball off crosses from JESUS and Alba, and just as good as Torres at vag nummer play, but is better with headers. Gold spiele will start with three forwards against Italy, says Del Bosque http: Busquets is the more defensive of the two, as he golf leaderboard european tour supported the Spanish defense more than any other midfielder. The Spaniards looked a tired team against Croatia and struggled past Portugal. The year-old from Exeter was ranked 55th on the Xbox One leaderboards based on his November Weekend League results, meaning that he barely squeaked into the tournament at all. The first leg ended with cs go dice tight scoreline, but DhTekKz ran online casino free deposit with the title and secured a aggregate score in the event Grand Final to lift his first major trophy.

It also works in Turkey! Thanks for using my tactic. White Europe likes this. Gonna test with Antwerp Belgium - 2nd division - prediction: Torino 'El Toro' has that brilliant striker Originally Posted by 9Batistuta.

At Barnet, did you already play with CF? Or can you adjust to your strikers Originally Posted by 0widowmaker0. Originally Posted by walkman Haha, two replies I thought the first one didn't make it.

Ok thanks, i'm loving the tactic, the attacking play. Curious if it also works against big teams.. Hi Who takes the corners? Football is all about the quality of the players.

In the PL you will struggle to get a good result in away games against the big boys. Just buy better players and eventually you'll do fine against every team.

Originally Posted by Luis Alberto. Maybe im blind but arethere any OI's?? Originally Posted by marksmithlfc. I started the season really shitty, but kept going and in the final stage of the season Cardiff were contenders for promotion.

Get two pacey strikers and you'll be fine. Cardiff had some really shitty strikers, so I signed Eneghara and loaned Wilson and Kaikai.

Of course Wilson got badly injured and he went back to Man Utd. Kaikai did it all by himself, teaming up with Eneghara or Zohore.

Now it's time to build a team that will stay clear of relegation in the PL. First Season Premier League First it was time essential to get enough quality in the squad, with 27 million transferbudget.

This is a great tactic but I seem to concede late goals. I've thrown away a few leads lately. Anything I can do to prevent this?

I have this problem myself sometimes. It will get better when you get better players Don't let it discourage you or make you change things to the tactic.

These things happen But when I get the feeeling my lead is in danger I start changing things. Close Shop and Park the Bus I start using after about 75 minutes, with a one goal lead.

After 80 minutes I Park the Bus when I have a one goal lead. In the end I just want to win and I don't care how Just switch the players like in the picture and contain.

Attachment Attachment Close Shop or Park the Bus And sometimes you don't blow it and just completely destroy the big boys now I'm just showing of Attachment Attachment Man that feels good.

Thank you for sharing your tactic. I will test this and report back. Any suggestions of good signings for this tactic? Thinking of starting a new save, probs gonna be Ajax or a similar rep side.

My first cup with Cardiff. Started a new save with Ajax. I used a in FM12 its a great formation if you have the right FBs In my version I had a flat back 4 with WBs on Attack The way I had it set up it morphed into a when I was in attack and formed a when defending I havnt tried setting one up this year yet I tried it in the Beta mode but the crossing bugs killed it I have a system lined up Im going to use with Villa but I have to test it out I reckon it will work extremely well with them but Im only in the early stages If you persist with this style my advice is to get the best FBs you can it will fall apart with the wrong type of players I also had way more success with setting the AMC to AM with "run from deep" set to often as this forced him to get beyond my strikers I suppose it depends on how you play but this system works extremely well with possession play Originally Posted by reaper There was an unbeatable tactic exactly like this in CM I've been enjoying loads of success with this tactic, home and away.

Originally Posted by RampageVin. There you go veez. I can't find a download link. Works ok for me with Newcastle in the first season: Won the Prem with this tactic!

Have you tried this with smaller teams or only with Chelsea? I manage Italy and won the Euro's with the tactic. I dunno if that helps at all.

Just trying out something new, from what I've experienced in FM is that you can't keep the same tactic for too long. The opposition will catch up to you.

Its like Barca, if you park the bus, there isn't much they can do. Tinkering is the name of the game!

Made a new tweak to the system, I've swapped the defensive midfield Makelele type play for a sweeper. I figure it will give me a more defensive edge.

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