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However, I started the challenge at pounds and I ended the challenge at pounds. I feel really great about losing that weight.

For October, I am doing the challenge again. For the fitness part, I am changing to 1 to 2 mile walks five times a week. My goal is to lose another ten pounds in October.

My overall goal is to get my weight down to pounds. Maybe I can reach I feel that will take a year to do but now I have all this newfound knowledge.

I am getting to know how my body reacts to food and exercise. I think I finally found a method to achieve this. Plus I am learning how to cook healthy meals which is a lot of fun too.

Plus I am saving money in that we are not going out to eat as often during the month. I want to thank Chad and Brenda for their website and their helpful advice over the past 30 days.

Everything was so helpful to me and I am thankful for how you both approach this. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Before the Day Challenge, I had hip surgery on my left hip and pain in my right hip.

I anticipated having to have surgery on that hip as well. The pain I felt in both hips, even after surgery was so bad that I was having a hard time sleeping and working.

The pain was worse at night, but never went away. I have had this pain for years. I had done physical therapy, steroid shots, pain management, and surgery.

I did not look forward to more surgery as it did not relieve the pain. Because of the pain, exercising had been nil — even swimming hurt. I decided that I was all in.

I had one day that I would say that I cheated. My daughter is moving to Minneapolis, and we had a special dinner.

I had a small piece of cake, but everything else was strictly Paleo. Other than that day, I did not cheat at all. I also did the 3-Minute flow program.

I was actually afraid to start. After two-weeks I noticed that the pain in my hips was almost gone. I have had no pain at all in my hips since Day I realized that I felt rested for the first time in years.

I only lost 5 lbs. Today I have started a new exercise regimen. I expect over the next few weeks that I will begin to see greater weight loss.

I am a Paleo Secret believer. The daily emails were critical — just what I needed to stay motivated.

You guys have changed my life. I sit here now with tears in my eyes as I think of how I felt on Day 1 and how I feel today on Day I look forward to the next 30 days.

I will keep you posted on my weight loss going forward. Due your daily emails, recipe suggestions and detailed explanations completing the challenge was easier than expected!

I must admit it did require spending more time planning, more time in the kitchen and more money in the grocery store. However, the positives definitely outweighed the negatives.

I thought I could eat what I wanted because I was going to burn it off. This worked for most of my life from a weight perspective.

My last employment was managing a fitness club where I worked out using weights at least times a week. My weight has been a steady lbs.

After a couple of years, it became evident that the incidents were connected. I refuse to label myself as someone who suffers from an autoimmune disease.

The conventional doctors say there is no cure. I would like to try to feel better and to improve my health by changing how I view food.

After the Day Challenge I lost only pounds. More importantly, I lost inches and feel much lighter. I decided to take medication when my daughter and son entered High School so that we could all endure the teenage years without me adversely impacting their experiences.

My daughter graduates college in May and my son in May Thank you, Chad and Brenda, for presenting the day challenge in a way that was easy to follow and execute.

I looked forward to the daily email and seeing the inbox recipe of the day. There are a few recipes I look forward to making again!

One important thing I learned is that all fats and oils are not equal. I also plan to minimize carbs and sweets forever! The reason for my weight gain was this: I have the use of my arms, but I cannot walk.

For at least 15 years, I was a swimmer and used an arm bike, so I stayed the same size. Then I was told that my shoulders were so arthritic that I could no longer swim or use an arm bike.

Of course, I began to gain weight because I now could only do stretches and some strengthening exercises. But two years ago, my shoulders got much worse and I began to lose strength and gain more weight.

In May of this year, I had to buy six size16 shirts to get by until I could get back in the closet full of size 14 shirts that I wore for many years.

Paleo was the lifestyle I chose as the healthiest while the hope of losing weight was realistic!

I ask myself, what if I just stopped torturing myself and gave in to all this resistance. What if I call it quits, abandon my goal, and allow my life stay exactly the way it is now?

Knowing you always have options, takes the pressure off and allows me to recommit to my goal with more fervor. I like this Delia, and also find it helpful.

Also, allowing myself to miss once in awhile without beating up on myself. But yes, If I contemplate the alternative, it usually helps generate that re-inspiration.

Delia, I totally agree with you. Wow thanks Marie and Diana! Diana you just help me with a major hurdle I face daily exercise!

I also like to sleep in like you but now I will hear your words in my head personally: Thanks from my hearts bottom!!! I have anxiety and when the pressure is high I also remind myself that I always have an option.

Staying focused on the end result and taking the focus off of YOU , helps keep the momentum and ditch the fear. Having someone else who has your back and wants to see you succeed — without judgement — makes a HUGE difference.

This is so helpful. Scheduling is the most confusing part of this for me. I used to live such a regimented life. My current battle is to remember I have helpers and to call on this help.

Put fun time on your calendar. Ruby, for scheduling, try to use different tools as examples: I was able to lose 25 kg with my own techniques of mindset and lifestyle change and that required some serious consistency …!

I realised that was the key element missing from my past trials. What worked was connecting with my vision everyday and keeping that in front of me.

I got ok with the slow change for the bigger results. I built momentum over time. I learned to surrender to the higher forces and just chose to believe in my action.

In my earlier attempts, I would day dream, plan, goal set, visualise but never take any action. I made it fun. So I learned to enjoy the journey too.

With other things going on in life, a really young son, work etc. I worked out my priorities and made my health number one priority.

Because it starts with a happy and healthy me. I broke up with perfectionism. But the new me learned to forgive myself quickly and get back on the success wagon asap.

I took the power back in my hands. I was independent girl in all other respects, but somehow when it came to eating, exercising, looking after myself, I always blamed everything external.

Not enough time, too stressed, my son, my housework, you name it — I blamed it. I decided to become a big independent girl and took charge in my own hands — it started with owning up the responsibility for my actions in the past, present and future.

Applying these seemingly things, I was able to bust my years of excuses and got a healthier and happier self back by being consistent.

Thank you for your work Marie. Sending you lots of love and to everyone who visits this mecca of learning. Thanks for sharing and thanks for all your great tips — this is all very helpful for me!

Congratulations for accomplishing your goal, Neha!! I love your story, so great to take your journey into your own hands and congrats for staying consistent with your goal.

By far, the most important tip to me is keeping my eye on the why. Remembering that my work is bigger than me, keeps me going.

I switch in and out of being self-motivated and feeling a responsibility to my community. In the end, we make time for what we value.

Consistency is often an indication of our current priorities. Oooooh the Whah Voice trips me up! This helps us stick with our plan and keep us accountable.

I like the idea of sharing a Monday morning to-do list and then a Friday did list with the team! What amazing tips Ariella! Yes, since I started keeping an agenda, writing everything down and even recording how my meetings went, it keeps me evolving and aware of my progress.

Pick your battle not battles. I cannot get through a goal if I am trying to tackle more than one thing at once. The other thing that helps me out a lot is to really divvy up my goals into manageable chunks, then schedule those chunks so I get each one done.

Lucy, Focus is key, otherwise your energy gets scattered. You are right; it is the best advice. One strategy that has helped me be consistent in my running is constantly reminding myself of how hard it was to get where I am today.

Slow and steady wins the race. That mentality and discipline has then helped me with minor tasks and staying consistent with them such as maintaining my weight and staying focused in my job and starting my business on the side.

I feel like if you can stay consistent with one thing, the others come naturally. For me though my consistency needs creative variety to keep the passion going.

What do you think.. While the creative muse can be a bit fickle at times, some of our favorite authors and authorities on the subject absolutely believe that opening the door to creativity on a consistent, even routine basis can actually inspire MORE creativity.

I made myself a worksheet to help me get clarity on the why and once I know the results I want to achieve I then brainstorm the many ways to get there making sure to design for laziness.

Then I choose the one that fits most with my personality and I schedule it. So if I want to read I just pick up the bucket and go to my couch.

Hi Maria, I like your worksheet approach and the 3 cancellations principle — gotta try it! And that part about learned helplessness has really struck a chord with me.

Hey Marie, thank you for this. My husband and or so I thought love of my life just ended our marriage two weeks ago. This all happens with not-so-great timing, in the middle of the launch for my Sensual Yogini Online Academy.

But then again, life rarely fits into an imagined schedule. I loved your quote about your heart. Just stay positive, put one foot in front of another, know that something better is already being lined up for you, and know that oceans of love is being sent your way.

It sounds like you have such a beautiful approach to such a tender time, and know that our hearts and best wishes are with you!

Ronja, I feel your pain. I went through a similar experience and, in the end, it was all for the better.

Heal your heart and open it for your true soul mate who is going to enter into your life soon. Focus on things you can change and are in your control, like your business.

Life will be beautiful again! Sending you love, Simona. However, I do have the same problem of starting things and struggling to finish, and right now I am fighting this tendency by:.

Haha I totally laughed out loud at your comment, Jana. I top that off with intensity to that consistency. I consider this mindful.

I loved the keep-rolling-during-an-earthquake clip ….. Having a goal is super important, if that goal has a deadline even better!

Thank you Marie for your wonderful and fun advice! Consistency is my big learning edge. I will keep exploring.

I guess there, ROI shows up easily. Why have I been consistent? I like doing it! Oh consistency has quite possibly been my biggest struggle.

It has lots of moving parts, which is great because if I get sick of writing, I can do a little research, or peripheral tasks like checking in on letters of rec.

Figuring out the keystone habit to change first is muy importante! For me it turned out to be dealing with whatever limiting stuff goes on in my head first.

I have learned a lot from James Clear on habit building. I find that my performance is best when I follow my morning routine; lemon juice with water upon rising and then a morning walk outside in Waterloo Park….

My husband has to listen to so many of my dreams, yes he refers to me as the lLife Long Dreamer!!!! Yes, now I hear that phrase all the time.

I will use this tip to narrow my focus. I have 3 book titles and ideas so every one of them wrestle for time in my head and with my pen.

As sexy as those huge transformational changes seem, most huge leaps in growth or consciousness are preceded by small incremental changes.

These small incremental changes build the foundation that support the big transformation and allow it to be permanent which is key.

The methodically consistent plodding of the tortoise wins the race in the end. Great video — thank you, Marie!

For example, when I finally decided to get consistent about working out, I was successful when I thought about convenience, timing, budget, etc, and joined a gym that was affordable and just a block from my office.

I also really liked your advice to pick just one battle at a time. I struggle with that because I see so many things I would like to change at once.

As someone who is always seeing many things to change, I SO hear you on the one battle challenge. One other factor I use is of course automation, or online software which helps focus me and the staff in following a consistency high standard of work day in, day out!

Marie, I love this episode! As a busy mom-entrepreneur, I often find it challenging to keep up with my exercise and self-care routine and even with my business consistency!

If I miss my morning ritual too often, I get irritable. Interestingly, a few words of wisdom that have been resonating in my mind are: Very similar to your first point!

Scheduling self-care and working out is a great way to make sure those things happen as often as possible! Wonderful to hear that self-care has become such a huge passion of yours.

Consistency in life is more important than anything whatever we do. The tips that you gave really cover all the bases for dealing with this challenge… and I have struggled with this one a lot.

The two tips that apply to me most are ignoring my feelings because oh man can it get real emotional those early mornings! The ones who would show up every time always hit their goals instead of the ones who skipped workouts a few times a month.

My favorite one in particular was the principle of building your life around the thing you are choosing to be consistent with. I really needed that and I will be using the scheduling tip for that!

One thing I have learned that has helped my consistency is to plan my day every morning or the night before.

It allowed me to meet deadlines and to see if I was biting off more than I could chew on a weekly basis. I love getting new strategies for productivity and consistency.

The most valuable change I made for consistency I learned through B-School, and that is to schedule every thing.

I have always been a typical list maker, but truly sitting down to schedule every task that it takes to accomplish a given goal has been monumental.

Thank you for these great reminders and new insights. And love the jeans! Love all your looks but it was nice to see you switch it up and still be super cute!

What has worked for me: Discipline even though I wanted to do all of the list I disciplined and rewarded my self with the next thing on the list.

This allowed me to make some Killer habits! And really get a clear vision!! I also scribble the amount of time I actually did that day. Hello Marie Thank you for always Inspiring and reminding us of all your great tips!

As for keeping consistant I needed some encouragement and support to get back to working out. So I created a 21 day challenge on Facebook.

Where friends that have opted in can post they daily activity. The challenge is to keep active for at least 45 minutes a day!

I love seeing posts of everyone day and how the a hive their goals! Thank you for asking! I love dry erase calendars! I have found it a great way to measure my consistency!

I also love liveyourlegend. I have to admit that as an artist I often find myself in feast or famine — either diving into my art at the expense of everything else or not creating anything at all for weeks.

This is such a cliche but I have a song that I just live by: That you have to keep pushing forward no matter what, if not you, then who.

Best words to live by. Thats how I stay consistent with my blog: Thanks Marie, your videos help too. Big believer scheduling my priorities… Truly is making a difference.

When the road ahead seems oh so long… that daunting thought alone can be enough to crush consistency. A practical strategy to avoid defeat is to shift your focus onto just the immediate and mire simple task of not letting today be the day that you break the chain.

Thanks for the great advice and helpful tips as always! Thanks Marie… For keeping our space sacred. In order to be consistent, I need to be live in between being flexible and disciplined.

I awake each morning in service, not for self. To truly know is to feel it. This is HUGE for me! Thank you so much, Dana! Consistency is really important to me, because I am a lazy person.

To improve my attitude to do everything, I set many targets in a semester. Simultaneously, I will find good ways to achieve them. I know I can do that and I want to succeed.

Thank God and Thanks Marie Forleo for allowing God to use you as a vessel to help so many around the world. Blessings to each of you.

Have a productive and prosperous day. This is a great MarieTV! As a writer, I have truly come to recognize the value of consistency. It sounds weird, but I was much better at consistently getting my butt in that chair and writing every day when I was just starting out.

Earlier this year I decided to start scheduling my writing time for first thing in the morning. So, the morning was my best bet.

I scheduled writing time for every day of the week so that I could come home after dropping my 3 year old off at school, grab breakfast, and get to the real work of writing.

Some mornings, I definitely do NOT feel like it, but having that commitment on my schedule and a recently created Facebook group of friends committed to writing at that time as well has helped to hold me accountable.

I do let my feelings get in the way of being consistent and I am going to make sure to thank them for sharing and just get on with my priorities anyway.

What I have to deal with is: And the last, but not the least: I also love surrounding myself with like minded people because it keeps me honest and holds me accountable to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

I spend two minutes updating it at the end of each day and it has really helped me stay on track building a brand new business. I am happy to report that after only 8 weeks I started making enough to quit my job and do it full time working from home.

I post pictures about healthy eating and simple recipes for the busy working mom. I have been keeping my eye on the why and I want to inspire as many moms as I can and show them that you can work and be busy and still cook and feed your kids healthy homemade food.

However, I dont acquire a lot of followers. This friend of mine was saying instagram is all about beautiful pics which I beg to differ coz not everyone who has plenty of followers uses pro photography.

Anywho, so she said kind of hurtful things but I decided to let it go and move on. Like tips or nutrition info or transformation. I dont know if I can consider this person as a friend.

Since everytime she needs help I am always lifting her up and helping her and giving her ideas. She is super talented and she has acquired many followers but she claims she loves everyone and is not judgemntal and everytime I suggest an IG account I follow, she puts it down.

Marie, I love your emails every Tuesday, they are the only ones I open consistently, so kudos to you for always knowing how-to get your audience to listen to you.

My biggest struggle in my business is handling my own marketing. The only way I manage to stay on top of this is to put reminders in my calendar to write a blog post and what the topic will be.

I also put a reminder on my calendar for my monthly newsletters so they go out at the same time every month.

I have many other projects I want to accomplish in my business this year and I know with your help I can. It has become a non-negotiable.

However, when it comes to consistent communication with my business, I suck. Why am I so good at consistency in other areas but not my business? I will definitely try these strategies!

This is for the women last week, on the self-improvement hamster wheel… I think you missed you most revealing self confession….

You did not address her age at all. It is much different, when you are older. I too am 61, and lived fully and fruitfully, and I tend to agree with her.

It is ok, to be more into acceptance and enjoying the life you live. In building out my Etsy shop I clearly remember moments when I just wanted to stop, or not even get started.

Before I knew it, my task for the day was done! A wise mentor once told me three things — 1 Keep lists on a calendar so you can remember when something is due and even more important when it should be started, ought to be started, damn well better be started..

Do all you can to get it done consistently but if something happens, let the people involved know, before the deadline, so they can handle their part.

Do not let them down without notice. Love this episode and love Tuesdays! Keeping my eye on the prize is the thing that keeps me going.

I love the most scheduling your priorities. So right about not listening to your feelings on this one. It helps in other areas too.

I remember the first B-School lesson was about scheduling. I never took it seriously until recently. Thanks for the reminder! This is my first time watching MarieTV.

What has helped me be most consistent with my meditation practice is remembering all the positive energy that has entered my life since I started in January.

I just need to remember this for the other habits I want to establish. Hi Marie Thank you so much for all the wonderful Videos. The one thing I do is consistently check in with my emotions.

Am I happy, does this thought feel tense, am I excited or is this a fearful thought. I am consistently reaching for a better feeling thought and when I do this, things just easily flow into my life.

This is going to cause you a great deal of pain. So, your decision is whether or not to let the secret out. This is one of those situations where free-will is in play.

I suspect your course of action will be to bury yourself in your work and try not to think about it.

This may be the way to go and the decision is yours, of course. Just remember that everything is in Divine Order.

These appear to have to do with affairs of the heart. Perhaps what you need to do is really do some thinking about whether you truly want this relationship or not.

It may not be in your best interest. So, stay focused on your work and try not to obsess over this issue but I know you probably will anyway. This may be just what it takes for you to work that through.

That charm may be only skin deep. It will feel like everything falls on your shoulders. The month ends with some new hopes and dreams beginning to come true.

Boy, you really seem to be on the fast track this month! Take good care of you! You will have more strength this month than usual so feel free to take on some of those projects you have been avoiding.

Also, you will find yourself able to confront someone who has been giving you a hard time recently. Rely on this new-found strength and know that it will carry you through.

You will also receive a gift that you are not expecting. The month begins with the possibility of a new but serious friendship and you appear to be feeling very happy about that!

The Universe is NOT withholding from you. It may take some work but you can do it! The promise is here IF you are faithful with your meditations and allow the old ways to fall away.

Then, all you have to do is stand back and wait. It will all come to pass. Go ahead and take that risk!

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