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Wheel Of Rizk - Win A Trip To St Petersburg IHHF World Championship Video

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Wheel of Rizk - Win a trip to St Petersburg IHHF World Championship -

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We also attended a great traditional show. I felt the program was very well organized by the TPC. However, I have some suggestions. The WTF has member nations, and I think it would be great to work with them all.

Until now, only Korean volunteers have been given this opportunity. My suggestion would be to send two Koreans with either one or two internationals to each country.

I would be glad to use my contacts in Germany to try this. Another possibility is to qualify locals to be able to instruct a group and offer them a visit to Korea each year.

I also suggest working with international sports federations apart from taekwondo. In PNG, taekwondo was the only sport on the program.

I think it would be great to urge different sports federations to establish their own Peace Corps and work together with the TPC. Another alternative would be offering different sports in the afternoons to balance taekwondo.

Sports like soccer, basketball and volleyball do not require a lot of materials. Going to Papua New Guinea has inspired me.

I was very lucky to have this opportunity to work with such amazing, loving people. I will stay in contact with all the friends I made and am proud and thankful for my WTF internship.

The agreement was signed by Mr. Wilfried Lemke, the U. We share many of the same values and we fully support the UNOSDP in their mission to support people around the world by providing them with opportunities to engage in sport.

Taekwondo teaches young people discipline, fair play and sportsmanship. Young athletes learn the importance of respecting one another whatever their nationality, race or gender.

These values will not only help them to be a success in taekwondo but help them to contribute to society outside of the sport.

The partnership aims to use taekwondo as a tool to promote peace-building objectives, social inclusion and the rights of persons with disabilities.

The WTF sent their facilitators to instruct youth leaders on how to teach taekwondo in a way that is socially inclusive and replicable in their community.

Among the participants in the program were four North Koreans - two boys and two girls. There were also two people with disabilities: The Gwangju Universiade Organizing Committee plans to host the same program in and Going to School with the Since its foundation in , the WTF has been vigorously conducting various educational programs and activities.

Since , the WTF has conducted international referee seminars to foster international referees for kyorugi sparring and poomsae forms to officiate at WTF-promoted international taekwondo championships.

It has also conducted International Referee Refresher Courses. Under this program, athletes and coaches from underdeveloped countries train taekwondo kyorugi and poomsae and are educated on related subjects at the International Taekwondo Academy of Kyung Hee University.

In , a para-taekwondo athlete from Ukraine participated in the program, opening the program to athletes with disabilities. The World Youth Taekwondo Camp was inaugurated in and has been held annually with the participation of taekwondo athletes aged 14 to 20 around the world.

At this camp, participants practice kyorugi and poomsae under instruction of world and Olympic champions and are also educated in the importance of friendship, leadership, the tenets of taekwondo and Olympic values.

The WTF dispatched instructors and Olympic medalists as champion ambassadors and role models for participants. Since its creation in , the demonstration team has not only shown various components of taekwondo to spectators at international events, but has conducted city tours and given presentations to specific target groups such as children as part of its cultural and educational programs.

The purpose of the camp is to bring youth who have the potential to be community leaders in the field of sport for personal development.

The camps, which will be held in Germany, the United States and Korea in , will also include taekwondo sessions.

Since its inauguration, the TPC has sent members to many countries twice a year, for a period of about one to two months per country, per dispatch.

This gives hopes and dreams to young people who are deprived of the opportunity to learn, while promoting friendship, peace and understanding through sport and interpersonal interactions.

The ice was broken on the brand-new super-complex of our sport when the 5th World Youth Taekwondo Camp was held at the Taekwondowon in Muju, in addition to events in Jeonju and Seoul July.

Some participants from 30 nations attended the 5th World Youth Taekwondo Camp held from July , in Korea.

The participants got to understand and communicate with people from diverse cultures, and were given training in leading a healthy life, both physically and spiritually.

And needless to say, participants also got plenty of high-kicking taekwondo action. The participants arrived at the Taekwondowon in Muju, south-central Korea, after a three-hour bus ride from Incheon International Airport.

They were the first international taekwondo group to train at this superb new location. After a welcoming orientation, the camp attendees were divided into six groups, with four-six countries represented in each one.

The groups were also assigned local volunteers to assist them with any difficulties they might face over the week.

Among the coaches for this session were two Olympic gold medalists. In addition to various combative drills, warm-ups and warmdowns were conducted.

The second session, poomsae, featured three world champions in the discipline; in addition. Taekwondo sessions for the rest of the course continued in a similar fashion.

Special lectures for, on the one hand, athletes, and on the other, coaches and masters, were delivered on such issues as taekwondo as a lifetime endeavor, becoming a champion, and OVEP.

Course participants also visited the town of Jeonju, which is noted for its district of hanok, or traditional Korean cottages. Lunch was part of the lesson!

The camp goers then took part in activities reflecting various aspects of Korean culture. The last two nights of the camp were held in Seoul, finishing with a demonstration, board breaking and photo session at Olympic Park.

The camp attracted some 55 children aged five and upwards from nations as distant as Egypt, Hungary, Lebanon, Monaco, Nigeria and, of course, Korea.

The camp started on the 5th of July with an orientation in the College of Physical Education by Master Yung, who took participants through the history of taekwondo and various taekwondo programs over the years.

That was followed by mid-day training and general exercise from 10 a. Dinner was Korean-style, and the kids were thrilled.

Full training commenced at 7: This included counseling on potential academic and career prospects for the kids and first aid training with the introduction of several methods newly developed by Korean scientists.

After dinner, participants were taken through a vigorous taekwondo aerobics class. This is a potential money-spinner in a world obsessed with health and fitness.

After a vigorous morning cross-country run and breakfast, participants headed off-campus for a field trip to Seoul.

The cadets were taken to Gyeonggokgung, a traditional palace of the Joseon Dynasty It had been invaded and sacked by foreign invaders, but still contained many historic edifices which fascinated the children.

A lecture on Korean and taekwondo etiquette was delivered by the erudite Prof. Sung, From here, buses conveyed the participants to the National War Memorial, a huge museum and memorial complex which honors the memory of Korean war heroes, as well as the UN forces who fought during the Korean War.

The exhibitions include historic collections of Korean military history over more than a thousand years. Morning training took the form of stretching, meditation and relaxation exercises.

This was followed by a Korean and English language class. At the same time, nutrition training took place for coaches to help in prepping athletes for championships.

The main training was again poomse or sparring, taught by experienced professors and former champions.

This training helped to expose the kids and participants to Olympic-standard competitions. Later, from 8 p. After breakfast, the participants went on another field trip to the Ocean World, where artificial sea waves were created for fun with an ancient Egyptian setting as background.

This theme park is another display of Korean technological advancement and management ability. The kids had fun all day. That afternoon was the final class in poomsae and kyorugi, followed by class pictures and networking.

That evening, all participants, the entire faculty of Kyung Hee University and officials of the WTF treated us to a dinner buffet of Asian food in the biggest open restaurant I have ever seen.

The closing ceremony and graduation was an emotional parting, with the award of certificates and fantastic souvenirs from Kyung Hee and the WTF.

Recommendations The questionnaires administered by organizers on the last day were too technical and advanced for the kids The camp was rather too short.

It should be increased from seven to 12 days for more networking and assimilation As only a few athletes make a living solely through taekwondo, it is pertinent to help the children prepare for a future in working life, hence a need to invite speakers from different fields rather than solely taekwondo backgrounds Interaction with other participants should be encouraged where kids should present their career aspirations Participants should be exposed to creative subjects such as Korean calligraphy A cross-cultural gala night or exhibition where participating kids can showcase cultural displays or clothing would be a good idea Olympic values should also be taught along with the etiquette class for kids The first aid classes should be increased for the coaches Appreciation of Korean cooking should be introduced optionally for kids who love cooking.

During field trips to historic sites, volunteers should explain the various monuments to the kids The organizers and especially the volunteers should be giving special commendations for their incredibly brother and sisterly patience.

The Nigerian team was solely sponsored by parents and individuals who love taekwondo and are interested in investing into the best of Nigerian future.

We wish to thank: I wish to thank you coaches for your precious time off to participate in this coach program. I also extend my heart-felt appreciation to the Kyung Hee University organizers of this partnership program for bringing together about 80 coaches from around the world.

The partnership program, which dates back to , has attracted about athletes and coaches so far, showing a great popularity among our member national associations.

Your presence here shows not only how much we care for each other, but also the deep passion that we all have for the sport of taekwondo.

Since becoming president of the WTF in , I have focused on bringing taekwondo to a level beyond an Olympic sport, thus helping contribute to world peace and the education of youth.

One of our goals is to make taekwondo as beloved and widely practiced as possible by any person who chooses to regardless of age, gender, religion and physical condition.

In this regard, I plan to launch a new course for the disabled in this partnership training program, as early as The future of taekwondo depends on you coaches.

You are the leaders of the beloved sport of taekwondo and we expect much from you. We have to continue to evolve to maintain our Olympic status as a core sport after the Olympic Games.

Together we will make it better. I wish to conclude my speech by quoting Marcus Buckingham: You are a leader if, and only if, you are restless for change, impatient for progress, and deeply dissatisfied with the status quo.

Do what you love. The biennial championships took place at the jam-packed 6,seat Exhibition Center Puebla, drawing athletes from countries. The seven-day event attracted great interest from both the international media and the home fans.

Tickets for the second and third sessions of the championships were sold out every day during the championships, showing the high popularity of taekwondo in Mexico.

At the previous World Taekwondo Championships in. Host Mexico came next with one gold, two silvers and one bronze for 47 points, followed by Russia with one silver and one bronze for 31 points, and China with one silver for 30 points.

Cuba came next with one gold and two bronzes for 27 points and Australia with one gold for 22 points. Baverel was selected as the best female team coach.

Marton advanced to the final. The second keynote speech was delivered by Mexican Prof. A total of 40 papers were presented in the symposium.

The first international tae-. Chungwon Choue made an opening address, followed by a congratulatory address by Dr. Precious little research has been conduct-.

Stebbins in his congratulatory speech. Two keynote speeches were made at the symposium. Considerations for the Taekwondo.

Korea took the first place with seven golds and four silvers in the overall medal tally at the WTF World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships, which wrapped up on Nov.

At the four-day event, Vietnam followed, clinching three golds, three silvers and five bronzes for the second place, followed by the Philippines with three golds, two silvers and one bronze.

Iran came next as it took home. A total of 21 countries took home at least one medal at the four-day Bali championships. A total of athletes from 49 countries competed for 25 gold medals up for grabs at the championships.

Fifty poomsae international referees officiated at the championships. Thailand won two golds andfour bronzes, while Spain clinched.

Canada and Germany came next with one gold, two silvers and one bronze each. Host Indonesia and Chinese Taipei took one gold, one silver and five bronzes each.

New Zealand earned the Active Participation Award. Five international referees were named best referees of the championships.

Maria de Lourdes de Veer. The WTF was established on May 28, and now has a global membership of member national associations.

The three-day event, which was officiated by 82 international referees, drew a total of athletes from 15 countries.

The championships, which took place at the Palais des Sports in Abidjan, featured octagonal mats for the first time at a WTF-promoted event.

There were also taekwondo performances by the Kukkiwon Tae-. Home fans and those watching online were treated to an excellent standard of taekwondo on an enthralling and tense climatic third and final day.

Korea booked their place in the semifi nals shortly after, defeating the United States Korea maintained their percent record and de-.

There was very little between the two sides, but Mexico just edged it,. The atmosphere was electric but despite a valiant effort from China the Korean side was too strong and won the match to take the gold medal, leaving China with silver.

Asia went into the one-day intercontinental championships, which took place at the Shen Zhen Sports School, as reigning champions having defeated Europe at the inaugural Europe-Asia Intercontinental Taekwondo Championships in Moscow, Russia last year.

The eight individual Olympic-weight matches, consisting of four male and four female matches, were held in the morning with one point awarded to the continent for each individual victory.

In the afternoon, six team competitions took place. The team competition was composed of two five-minute rounds with a one-minute break.

In the first five-minute round, each of the five athletes fought for one minute while the second round was a tag-team match in.

Around young Chinese taekwondo students watched the championships, demonstrating the popularity of the sport in China.

The two-day taekwondo competition, which took place at the Spartak Arena Sport Complex, drew a total of 72 athletes, 48 females and 24 females, from 11 countries.

Iran advanced to the final round as it edged down Spain in a semifinal match. Iran, which fielded a total of six athletes, including a substitute, for the fiveon-five tag-team matches, won three preliminary round-robin team matches on Oct.

The two teams tied at after two rounds of competition. An electronic protector and scoring system was used at the taekwondo competition. The tag team match consisted of two five-minute rounds with a one-minute break.

The first round was conducted in a traditional team format, under which each of the five athletes has to compete in order from the lighter to heavier weight.

The second five-minute round is conducted in a tag-team match, in which athletes can be replaced any time after a minimum of three attacks.

Choue first took on the WTF headship as interim president in , when then-president Un-yong Kim stepped down with one year left of his term. Choue was reelected in and again in No balloting was necessary in Puebla as Choue was the sole runner, but Choue nevertheless asked delegates to cast votes.

In addition to the president, 14 Council members were also elected from five continents. Eleven were reconfirmed to serve their four-year terms, while three new members joined: Ahead of the London Olympics, the WTF adopted the use of electronic protective armor and socks for scoring, along with instant video replays.

These moves drew favorable reviews and eliminated judging disputes, thus helping taekwondo remain as one of the 25 core sports of the Olympics.

Anthony Ferguson has saved lives and swum with sharks, but it was the death of a friend that led him to the dojang.

How did you feel when you first became a WTF council member? When it was first suggested, I was shocked. The point is, this was not something I pursued.

So when this came, it was pure elation and joy. What is your main goal and priority for as a WTF council member? As it is, I am still on a learning curve.

My wish is to contribute toward the harmonization of efforts between the world body, the regional bodies and the MNAs.

Would you tell us your taekwondo story? Growing up in Trinidad and Tobago, I loved football, cricket and anything that had to do with the sea.

With the latter, I had most of the experiences you could imagine from answering its daily call: I almost drowned several times, then when I learned to swim, I saved others including a cousin twice from drowning.

I drifted away with a friend and neighbor on a raft and was found at sea by the local rescue squad. Then, one day while. Panicking and about to meet a fate too ghastly to contemplate, the shark demonstrated kindness, making it possible for me to re-tell the events.

Then a life altering tragedy took place. A very close friend of mine was murdered in the Caribbean. It left me devastated.

I could not function. Then I shared my emotions with an office colleague, Jesse Tippett. I told him I needed to do something to get out of this state.

He suggested that I join taekwondo. I told him that I was not interested. He was a second dan at the time at the Howard University Club, set up by Dr.

Tippett kept insisting, and simply out of courtesy, I relented and went. The only good thing about that experience was that I went on a Friday.

On the Saturday, I simply could not get out of bed! I discovered that I had muscles in places I never knew.

On the Sunday, same thing, but, slightly better. On the Monday, a little better, but with the same pain. I went to my classes, then back to the dojang for more punishment.

I had found my calling and the rest, as they say, is history. I do not usually share this tragedy. I do so now only because of my position on the Council.

It forms part of my complete story and I believe that some aspiring taekwondo people in some part of the world may find in it some value to help them conquer their own difficulties.

I have since served in a variety of capacities: How popular is Taekwondo in your country? Taekwondo has become very popular in Trinidad and Tobago, particularly among youth.

Countries like ours find difficulty in fielding athletes outside of track and field in multi-sport games, including the Olympics.

The biggest challenge, as it is for many, remains one of funding. Do you have any recommendations? Recommendations of a specific nature I re-.

I first have to convince my colleagues there that a proposal is a good or bad policy. Understanding that I do not have the monopoly on knowledge, I appreciate that they may see angles that I do not.

So my first responsibility is to float it with them. However I will say this. The WTF, through its various programs, has started to build intellectual capacity with the various programs we run with Kyung Hee University.

Also, the studied attention to referee development, along with the introduction of technology. The WTF celebrated its 40th anniversary in What is your overall evaluation of the WTF activities so far?

When one considers that the WTF was founded only in …well! The only word to describe the phenomenal achievements is spectacular. That we continue to revolutionize the sport with technology even as we search for new opportunities is remarkable.

I believe we are providing a template which others are certain to follow. Do you have anything to add? Well briefly, three points.

Funding at all levels: More help is needed. We have one of the best distributions in the world. The motherland of taekwondo is Korea. But the medal spread, while being important for Olympic retention, also proves that their gift to the world has been humbly and graciously received.

Of this, Korea can be proud. I look forward to the Kukkiwon settling down, because their constant changes cannot be good for taekwondo.

We asked him his thoughts on his appointment. This is my second term as a WTF Council member. I felt very privileged when the President, Dr. Chungwon Choue, appointed me.

What are your main goals and priorities for ? I leave it to the president to designate whatever task he wants me to fulfill.

Tell us your taekwondo story… My taekwondo story is an unusual one, because I am not a taekwondo man, unlike all others who at some point in their lives were!

My background is politics and business. I was a member of parliament of Thailand and I own hotels and other businesses. I never practiced taekwondo! I was invited to become secretary general by a friend who was president of the Taekwondo Association of Thailand at the time.

Over time, I came to love the sport, the beauty, the excitement as well as the philosophy of it. Also, I came to love people in the sport — the executives of the WTF and continental unions.

So, after I was elected president, I never left! After each of my terms ended, I ran again and got re-elected again and again.

Now, it has been 12 years. Prior to my participation in the Taekwondo Association of Thailand, it was not popular at all.

Two years after I took the helm of our association, we won a bronze medal in the Athens Olympic Games.

Then the popularity increased significantly. Now it is one of the five most popular sports in Thailand, I believe.

There are more or less 1 million taekwondo practitioners in Thailand. Do you have recommendations for the development of taekwondo and the WTF?

We need to focus more on the audience. We need to have more people understand taekwondo and watch taekwondo around the world. The WTF recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of its founding.

What is your evaluation of its activities? Under the leadership of President Choue, the organization is developing the sport in a positive way, in the right direction.

More people around the world are now practicing taekwondo. The WTF is a strong international body supporting and promoting taekwondo. Taekwondo was voted one of the 25 core sports for the Olympic Games.

What did you think of that? There were many rumors and concerns that it might have been voted out. I was worried even though I did not think it was likely.

When I heard that it was voted in, I felt relieved - and happy, of course. It was a collective effort of all people involved, however, much credit must be given to the leadership of President Chungwon Choue who worked very hard on this issue.

Now, people around the globe will be able to enjoy taekwondo as an Olympic event for many years to come. British international Sarah Stevenson has been athlete and coach.

How did you feel when you became a new WTF Council member? I was extremely shocked and overwhelmed at first. What are your main goals and priorities for as a WTF Council member?

First and foremost, I would like to familiarize myself with my fellow Council members and our president Dr Chungwon Choue, in order to form strong working relationships.

The WTF has achieved great success in recent years and I want to show my support for all the initiatives that we are currently working on. As I guess is the case in most countries, taekwondo has grown in popularity since it became an Olympic sport in Sydney Currently in British taekwondo, we have a record number of participants practicing and competing and I believe the success Great Britain has had in the last two Olympic Games has impacted this hugely.

Myself, Jade Jones and Lutalo Muhammed are now role models and inspirations to the younger generation of taekwondo athletes in Great Britain.

Children can see and believe it is possible to achieve if others have achieved success before them. Do you have any recommendations for the further development of taekwondo and the WTF?

I would like to see the expansion of the marketing and publicity of our sport, this could have a real impact on attracting media and sponsors to our beautiful game, but it would also enhance the growth of our sport globally.

Taekwondo was voted one of the 25 core sports of the Olympic Games. What was your opinion on this? For us, the taekwondo family, the Olympics are the principal arena for our sport and only a handful of us are privileged to be there.

The WTF have obviously proven by their initiatives and activities so far, and obviously delivered, every time, a successful and well-run Olympic Games.

We well and truly deserve to be in the Olympics and beyond. I have competed in every Olympics since taekwondo became recognized and I intend to be present in some capacity at all future games.

Do you have anything else to say? I would like to say to everyone out there that has a dream and a goal to be successful in taekwondo: The WTF celebrated the 40th anniversary of its founding in What is your overall evaluation of WTF activities so far?

He has been a vice president of the WTF since and, While he may be stepping down from official duties, his voice will continue to be heard in taekwondo, he says, until he draws his last breath.

I started taekwondo in under the guidance of Master Y. Tharchen, founder of taekwondo in Bhutan and the present secretary general of the Bhutan Taekwondo Federation.

At that time, there were no taekwondo practitioners there; the sport was very new to the public. Within a few years, the numbers of taekwondo practitioners in my dojang increased tremendously and I started conducting inter-school taekwondo competitions among five schools in the southern province.

Today, under my supervision, I have more than young learners of taekwondo from different schools. Some of the members have graduated with dan and poom certificates awarded by the Kukkiwon.

Taekwondo has spread among schools, universities and colleges in the southern province The annual Inter-School Taekwondo Competition, National Level Championships and Inter Dzongkhag District Level Championships are also held once every year.

Some of the championships are sponsored and supported by the BTF and some championships are organized through sponsorships and donations. During the championships, the players with the most potential are recognized and called for national team selection, which is held in Thimphu every year.

Taekwondo is a well-rounded exercise program that encompasses muscle toning, stretching and flexibility.

It increases strength and stamina through aerobic sparring, and presents a mental challenge through becoming proficient at patterns or forms.

Most classes start with warm-ups. These exercises are calisthenics such as push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, trunk rotations, squat kicks and various leg stretches.

For certain, you will tighten your abs and strengthen your arms just from performing the warm-up exercises. Taekwondo definitely helps people become healthy and fit.

Taekwondo is also an Olympic sport. Many people enjoy taekwondo, because it is an all-inclusive exercise program. Everyone starts out as a white belt.

Have fun and get moving! Two men have been behind the development of taekwondo in the Republic of Kazakhstan. This is their story Taekwondo officially came to Kazakhstan in , during a period in which the young country was just starting to walk its own path.

Mustafa Ozturk and Bekseit Tulkiev. There is much to say about Mustafa Ozturk. He was born in Istanbul, Turkey in to a family of Kazakh immigrants.

But his main legacy is in the taekwondo field. Mustafa Ozturk won six World C hampionships and a seventh dan black belt.

Thanks to his effective fighting skills, Mustafa was offered film roles in martial arts movies, playing in more than than And he generously shared his mastery of the sport.

Sportsmen from these schools have shown themselves great competitors during international matches. In the actor, sportsman and teacher came back to his historical motherland - Kazakhstan.

In , he died suddenly. The first president of the federation was another distinguished son of the Kazakh nation: He started practicing taekwondo when the martial art was forbidden in the USSR.

He was friends with Mustafa Ozturk, and managed to steer the initial impulses regarding creating a federation in the right direction.

In , at the 7th World Military Championships, Kazakhstan taekwondo players took the second team place after Korea, winning one silver and two bronze medals.

But Bekseit Tulkiev also left this world early: He died tragically in - the same year as Mustafa. However by then, the sport was established.

Shamsat Zhaksylykovich Isabekov, picked up the baton. He is also a member of the National Olympic Committee. Thanks to his efforts, as well as the cooperation of training staff, in at the Beijing Olympiad, the federation received its first prize in the biggest event of the sporting world: A bronze medal won by Arman Chilmanov.

In November , the federation elected a new president, Kim Vyacheslav Konstantinovich. The federation today hopes for new victories in various tournaments and competitions.

Nowadays, in Kazakhstan more than 20, people are involved in taekwondo and this number is increasing.

Here is how it happened. In , Iran became a member of the World Taekwondo Federation. Today, with a taekwondo population of about 2 million and about 5, taekwondo gyms, Iran is one of the top global taekwondo powers.

The country has so far taken home eight Olympic medals, including two golds, as well as medals at the World Taekwondo Championships.

Korea came next with two golds and two silvers. There were a mere 30, taekwondo practitioners in Iran in when Master Kang first came to the Islamic country as an instructor.

Kang served as the head coach of the Iranian national team from to Since , Kang, a ninth dan black-belt holder, has worked as chairman of the Iranian Technical Committee.

From , Around the WTF. In January this year, Pouladgar was re-elected to the four-year post for the fourth time. Pouladgar, who started taekwondo at the age of 16 and holds a seventh dan rank from the Kukkiwon, said that he is placing top priority on the technical advancements of Iranian athletes in order to ensure good results at the next Olympics.

Built on a sq. He worked as a WTF Council member until In , Iran opened a two-year taekwondo university next to the World Taekwondo Center.

The university is made up of five classes, and various departments for management, education and research and cultural affairs.

The first commencement ceremony of the university, which was changed into a four-year school starting this year, was held in June ; 35 students graduated.

After five years of operation, students have been trained at the university, with of them winning associated degrees and 70 studying for bachelor degrees.

For the first semester of , 70 students have been admitted. International Referee Interview The games became much more dynamic and exciting, especially when we applied the new rules that stop athletes faking injuries and wasting time during contests.

Taekwondo in Lebanon is the sport that has got the best achievements and results because of our athletes during past years. I guess that is the greatest achievement for all the WTF family.

How long have you served as an international referee and what motivated you to become an IR? I have been an international referee since I was a fighter before that; I had some achievements during that period but I wanted more.

I became a trainer then an IR, my passion. This game gives me the strength to continue fulfilling my goals. When did you start practicing taekwondo and what was your motivation?

I started practicing taekwondo when I was 6 years old and I come from a sporty family. The martial art spirit runs in our blood! What is your goal as an IR?

My goal is to maintain the good level, looking forward for new achievements, and sharing the improvement of this game.

What is your greatest achievement so far as an IR? I think the use of IVR and the electronic body protector gives more fairness to the competitors and it limits possible human mistakes in refereeing.

Do you have any suggestions for the betterment of taekwondo and referee education of the World Taekwondo Federation?

Taekwondo is on the official program of the Olympic Games as a core sport. What is your evaluation? I am very proud and honored by that decision and I wish all of us continue working smarter and harder in order to maintain the good level.

And lead our game to achieve more successful achievements as was the case in in London — the best games ever.

I would like to thank all the people that have supported me who have had faith in me and in my capabilities. The trust they gave me will make me always committed to fulfilling my duties to the utmost extent with wisdom and honesty.

Do you have any advice for those who are interested in becoming an IR? Be humble, modest, honest, fair and transparent.

Would you name several positive changes of refereeing and judging in the last 10 years? The use of PSS and the instant video replay are the most positive changes.

Also, in my opinion the head-kick scoring becomes very easy when you just have to touch lightly the head, because athlete safety is a must. Christopher Codling Great Britain Nov.

Just like many young taekwondo athletes, I went to a lot of competitions as a player. I was unhappy at the standard of judging and refereeing in my own country, and made it my mission to try and sort it out.

For the past 12 years this has been the case within Great Britain, and I am pleased with the standard of the referees we are now producing to officiate at our competitions.

I started practicing taekwondo at the tender age of nine back in , as the result of a demonstration I had seen on a local evening news television program.

Master Tong Wan Shin and his students performed an excellent demonstration which caught my eye and made me want to do taekwondo. I set about looking for a local club to train at and found one run by Stuart Haliday who became my instructor.

Stuart himself became an IR which in turn was a great help to me when I was looking at becoming a referee myself. I would like to referee at an Olympic Games.

I do believe that the PSS system is the way forward for sport taekwondo. The Instant Video Replay system is a must in any sport nowadays.

The Dartfish system which we use at most competitions I think is excellent, and is improving all the time. With the education we are now receiving along with this, it will only improve in making the game more fair and transparent.

I believe we have the right team in place at the moment Mr. Phillip Bouedo — Games Chairman who have made vast changes in the education program, which has taken the standard of refereeing to another level.

They are continually improving things to make the game fair and transparent for everyone to see. The team in place delivering the Education Program b.

Introduction of the Instant Video Replay system c. Allowing officials to request the Instant Video Replay system d. Showing the Instant Video Replay on the big screens e.

Introduction of rules and guidelines to prevent players from stalling the game What is your overall evaluation of the refereeing and judging at the World Taekwondo Grand Prix Final in Manchester, UK?

I think the quality of the judging and refereeing was excellent, which once again pays testament to the education program in place. I believe the decisions on the Instant Video Replay could possibly have been a little quicker in some instances.

This is an area which is being worked on in the education program. Taekwondo has become more and more popular within Great Britain since the publicity it got when Sarah Stevenson won bronze at the Beijing Olympics Games.

Then in the London Olympics Games, winning gold and a bronze by Jade Jones and Lutalo Muhammad, the sport has had a tremendous amount of publicity.

It has been an honor and a privilege being asked to do this article as one of the WTF international referees. I am very pleased to have been a member of the WTF for a good number of those years.

I feel that taekwondo is one of the only arts that have moved along with the times. The constant re-evaluation of how it can be improved is a true testament to the people who have guided us through the last 40 years.

I am pleased that the IOC has decided to keep our wonderful sport within the Games and hope that I may still be around to possibly be an IR at this event.

It is quite clear. Reducing human error makes this game fairer and more transparent. Also the chest protectors maintain the safety of the athletes, and have not failed to achieve that primary function.

Well, humbly I say that I have some ideas from my perspective as an industrial engineer to make the game better for the viewers.

Neydis Tavarez Puerto Rico June 28, neydis yahoo. When I started taekwondo, I always enjoyed kyorugi. But over the years, with other responsibilities in my life, like being a mother, coach and trainer for my students and my children, my presence in the game was modified.

With time came the opportunity to be a national referee in For me, this was another way of being directly in the game without having to distance myself completely.

So, in came the dreamed-of opportunity to develop myself as an international referee for my country, Puerto Rico.

So far, my greatest achievement as IR was to have been part of the Olympic Games , which shaped history for the good of taekwondo.

Is there anything you would like to add? The greatest things are the most simple. When we silence the noise and focus toward the simplest way is to begin to grow and see the true splendor of life, joy, peace and blessings that God gives us.

Taekwondo is an instrument to achieve, see and find the beauty of life, it just depends on each of us. I hope that brings more compassion and love for all.

Participants in the working-group workshop dealt with almost all major taekwondo matters, including the protector and scoring system, electronic head gear, Grand Prix events, para-taekwondo, and team championships.

They also discussed development programs for referees, improvements to the WTF Competition Rules, improvements to championships and codes of behavior for athletes, coaches and team officials.

The brand-new Taekwondowon in Muju, Korea. Both the latter were reappointed to their respective committees for a two-year term.

He previously served as secretary general of the Korean Taekwondo Association. During my first two-year. Through this brainstorming workshop, we will make real proposals to make the best taekwondo.

The Taekwondowon will officially open to the public in April The black belt is a symbol not just of athletic achievement in the sport, but also of prestige.

For this reason, the WTF awards honorary black belts to persons who have made significant contributions - even if they are unable to throw a front kick.

The latest recipients are:. Ki-moon Ban Ban was awarded an honorary 10th dan at the U. Ban is only the third recipient of an honorary 10th dan; the previous two were former IOC presidents Juan Sammaranch and Jacques Rogge.

Putin is widely known not just for politics, but also for his interest in fitness and his enthusiasm for martial arts.

The president of the Central Asian republic was awarded an honorary ninth dan by Choue for his efforts to promote the sport across Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan is considering establishing a taekwondo Regional Training Center and is also bidding to host an upcoming Grand Prix. The president of the Baltic state was presented an honorary ninth dan by Choue during a ceremony at the Millennium Hilton Hotel in Seoul, Korea.

During the ceremony, Grybauskaite pledged to continue to promote taekwondo and increase participation, particularly among young people. What led you to taekwondo?

I started practicing taekwondo when I was 12 years old, influenced by the passion for martial arts of my oldest brother, who used to take me to the cinema to watch Bruce Lee, and other martial arts movies.

This frustrated me and made my desire to practice martial arts stronger. At school, a fellow student told me about an extraordinary Korean master who had recently established a taekwondo academy in Tegucigalpa, the capital city of Honduras, where I was born and grew up.

Finally, I enrolled in Master. At that time, we used to train with the members of the Presidential Guard, therefore, the rhythm and difficulty of the exercises and sparring where arduous.

How important is taekwondo to you? At a more personal level, Master Song exposed me to a new culture, the Korean culture, which I learned to embrace and admire.

In I married Ivette Song, the daughter and right hand of Master Song, whom I remember seeing for the first time when she was five years old, rolling and jumping with her young brother David in the dojang under the watchful eye of her strict mother, Young-shin Kang.

Now God has blessed our family with two sons and after a year career as a diplomat I was finally appointed as ambassador of Honduras to Korea. Does your family still practice?

Moreover, by offering classes for children during the day and for adults at night, we. My family and the whole world have learned to appreciate taekwondo - in my opinion the first Korean brand to achieve global status.

I firmly believe taekwondo has been a valuable instrument to overcome racial, cultural and religious boundaries making people around the world more tolerant.

I understand that taekwondo has a special place in Honduras…? Master Song is considered the founder of the WTF in Honduras, and in recognition of this, he was awarded with a Gold Medal by the National Assembly for his contribution to the education of youth in the country.

He initiated his martial art career at the age of 12, and graduated first in his class from the prestigious Yong In University with a major in physical education, and a 4th dan in taekwondo, judo and hapkido.

He then became a professor at Yong In University and was known as. President Porfirio Lobo Sosa, who is a 4th dan himself, and was privileged with an honorary 9th dan during his official visit to Korea by WTF President Chungwon Choue, said in his congratulatory speech: I recall that when I visited Korea, the fact that I practiced taekwondo, allowed me to strengthen ties with my hosts and.

I congratulate the President of the National Taekwondo Federation of Honduras, Vinicio Armando Valdez, for keeping alive the memory of Master Song, which endures today in the education of citizens and whose influence has marked my life.

I recommend enlisting the children of the country in the sport, whose philosophy is not one of attack, but which makes use of prudence and maintains conduct and discipline according to the philosophy of taekwondo.

She thanked President Lobo for supporting taekwondo during his tenure. She said she felt happy to share this historic day with the taekwondo family that her husband forged.

She expressed her gratitude to the president for his proposal of a decree to declare Jan. Master Song passed away in New changes came to competitions, beginning with the shape of the competition area, developments in the rules, and many other improvements.

We hope that this new energy, which is promoting taekwondo, will keep it on the top of the martial arts pyramid, and maintain its strong status as an Olympic sport.

As for Africa, we will positively move in the same strong direction as all WTF trends. Hoping for the best of luck and success to all in !

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